Need And Importance Of Women Empowerment
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Why is Women Empowerment Necessary

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Families will be well developed and small if women are also given proper work and environment for work.

For empowering women it is important that they be given an opportunity to receive better and higher education. As a result fertility rates will decrease as will mortality rates of infants. For literate women there are many options in life other than marriage and later motherhood, they can become a part of some workforce. A delayed marriage means that a woman has fewer fertile years left and it automatically decreases the number of children she can bear. They also seem to be more knowledgeable about options related to family planning. Not just literacy but religion also plays a very big part in a woman’s family planning decisions.

In a poor family living in under developed countries a literate woman becomes much more than only a mouth that has to be fed. Instead of considering them as a liability and marrying them off at an early age, women should be treated as bread winners and an asset to the family. For an individual empowerment provides the opportunity of making choices for oneself, an old tradition’s worthiness can be challenged and a woman can seek opportunities further away from her villages and family.

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